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2. Bundesliga, 15. October 2016
Benjamin Cortus (Röthenbach) 29906
Ballbesitz in %


25 TO
Marvin Schwäbe
4 VE
Giuliano Modica
8 VE
Nils Teixeira
20 VE
Fabian Müller
23 VE
Florian Ballas
2 MF
Akaki Gogia
6 MF
Marco Hartmann
10 MF
Marvin Stefaniak
11 MF
Aias Aosman
17 MF
Andreas Lambertz
30 ST
Stefan Kutschke


24 TO
Patrick Wiegers
7 VE
Niklas Kreuzer
18 VE
Jannik Müller
21 VE
Hendrik Starostzik
36 MF
Niklas Hauptmann
37 ST
Pascal Testroet
40 ST
Erich Berko


Uwe Neuhaus


1 TO
Mitchell Langerak
2 VE
Emiliano Insua
5 VE
Timo Baumgartl
16 VE
Florian Klein
19 VE
Kevin Großkreutz
21 VE
Benjamin Pavard
7 MF
Hajime Hosogai
10 MF
Alexandru Maxim
15 MF
Carlos Mané
20 MF
Christian Gentner
25 MF
Matthias Zimmermann


13 TO
Jens Grahl
4 VE
Toni Sunjic
6 VE
Jean Zimmer
35 VE
Marcin Kaminski
31 MF
Berkay Özcan
11 ST
Takuma Asano
34 ST
Boris Tashchy


Hannes Wolf


38' 3030 Kutschke 1010 Stefaniak
42' 1717 Lambertz 1111 Aosman
44' 22 Gogia 3030 Kutschke
74' 22 Gogia 3737 Testroet
76' 3737 Testroet 22 Gogia
30Kutschke 10Stefaniak 38. Min
17Lambertz 11Aosman 42. Min
2Gogia 30Kutschke 44. Min
2Gogia 37Testroet 74. Min
37Testroet 2Gogia 76. Min


3131 Özcan 2525 Zimmermann 45'
1111 Asano 1616 Klein 45'
62' 1717 Lambertz 3636 Hauptmann
69' 3030 Kutschke 3737 Testroet
3434 Tashchy 1010 Maxim 72'
83' 22 Gogia 4040 Berko
45. Min 25Zimmermann 31Özcan
45. Min 16Klein 11Asano
17Lambertz 36Hauptmann 62. Min
30Kutschke 37Testroet 69. Min
72. Min 10Maxim 34Tashchy
2Gogia 40Berko 83. Min


4' 6 Hartmann
25' 30 Kutschke
31 Özcan 66'
6Hartmann 4. Min
30Kutschke 25. Min
66. Min 31Özcan

A sobering Saturday

In Dresden war für den VfB nichts zu holen.
In Dresden war für den VfB nichts zu holen.

Six minutes shortly before the break were to ultimately cost VfB the chance of taking a point. Within just 360 seconds, the side in the shirts with the infamous red hoop conceded three goals. It was a deficit which coach Hannes Wolf’s eleven took into the first half – and one which would be increased further after the break, with the hosts scoring two further goals, thus sealing a 0-5 defeat for VfB. It was the first defeat for VfB after a run of four consecutive unbeaten outings. 


In the first came after the international break, Florian Klein and Takuma Asano returned to the VfB Stuttgart squad. Both had missed out on the 4-0 win over SpVgg Greuther Fürth, having been summoned by their respective national teams. The Austrian was back in the starting eleven in Dresden, taking on the right full-back role and duly forcing Berkay Özcan back to the bench. Takuma Asano, who returned to team training on Thursday, took a place amongst the substitutes.

15th minute VfB start the game promisingly, breaking up the home side’s approach play early on and forcing their hosts into unnecessary errors. When VfB are in possession though, Dresden are quick to close down the spaces, duly starving the 30,000 strong crowd of being treated to real efforts on goal.
38th minute The host stake the lead with their first chance on goal. A cross from Marvin Stefaniak finds the head of Stefan Kutschke, who makes it 1-0 from a central position.
42nd minute Dynamo double their advantage. An attempt to play a short kick-out by VfB is pounced on by Dynamo, who make optimal use of their regained possession to make it 2-0 through Andreas Lambertz.
44th minute A bitter pill! Shortly before the half-time break, the hosts add another. Akaki Gogia is on target to make it 3-0 for the side from Sachsen.
46th minute Coach Hannes Wolf introduces the attacking options of Takuma Asano and Berkay Özcan in place of Florian Klein and Matthias Zimmermann for the second period
74th minute Dynamo make it 4-0. Akaki Gogia snags his second of the match.
76th minute And Dresden are on target once again. Substitute Pascal Testroet nets to make it 5-0. It’s to prove the final goal of the game, with little of interest occurring in the remaining minutes.

Hannes Wolf:

 That was a day to forget. We never managed to get our game going the way we had set out to do. After conceding the first goal, we were far too disorganised and too impatient. We wanted to turn the game around too quickly. Conceding three goals in such a short space of time is something which should never happen. We will analyse this game very closely.


That was not a good afternoon for VfB! Having started well over the first half-hour, the Cannstatt Boys then went behind to the first effort on goal by the hosts. Two more quick goals by Dresden before the break left VfB with too great a deficit to match in the second half. The home side, on the other hand, were inspired by their advantage and improved it with two further goals before the final whistle.