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Professionals, 30.01.2013

Labbadia signs on until 2015

Bruno Labbadia, Eddy Sözer and VfB have agreed on a contract extension with the trainer duo for two further years.

Bruno Labbadia has extended his contract with VfB Stuttgart until June 30th, 2015. Along with the 46 year old head coach, co-trainer Eddy Sözer has also agreed a two year extension of his deal with the club until June 30th, 2015.

“In the two years that Bruno Labbadia has been with the club, he has done some very good work. He took over the team in a very precarious phase, continually developed the side and led us back to European participation last season,” said club president Gerd E. Mäuser, who added: “That alone is not the sole reason that we are so happy to have bound him to the club in the long term – together we have big plans with VfB.”

“A long way from the end”

Fredi Bobic is equally happy to be working with the same trainer team in the future. The Director of Sport has been “very satisfied” with the work done by Bruno Labbadia and Eddy Sözer since they arrived and has “great belief” in both of them. Bobic went on to say: “They are a long way from the end with their targets will continue to work as intensively as they have so far for the success of the club.”

Bruno Labbadia is also extremely happy about the contract extension: “Since coming here, we have unconditionally continued down this intensive road and we are a long way from reaching the end of it.” The plan now is to expand the structures developed within the team and the entire club: “We want to present the fans with a team they can enjoy and are enthused by as they were in the latter half of last season. I am extremely eager to carry on and I’m looking forward to the time ahead,” said the trainer.


Partners of VfB Stuttgart

Partners of VfB Stuttgart