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Marco Rojas has signed on with VfB until 2017.

Marco Rojas signs for VfB

VfB have signed Marco Rojas. The 21 year old makes a free transfer from Melbourne Victory and has signed on with VfB until 2017.

“Marco has just been crowned ‘Player of the Year’ in Australia, but that’s not the only reason why he caught our interest. He is a player who can be used in attack in wide positions and has remarkable pace,” said Sport Manager Fredi Bobic, adding: “During the pre-season preparations it will be interesting to see how quickly he comes to terms with the tempo of the game in Germany.”

Marco Rojas is excited about the move: “My father and I spoke to those responsible at VfB and they gave us the impression that they would be very happy to have me at the club. For a player, it’s a great feeling to know that a club really wants to have you. It will certainly be quite a challenge.”


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Partners of VfB Stuttgart